Built to be Simple

A site that is easy to navigate with information that is easy to find and easy to use. A site that is accessible from anywhere: desktop, tablet, or smartphone.
ClearCost Health is easy.




Finding a match in 3 easy steps.

With comprehensive and personalized cost and quality information, employees can make informed decisions and be smarter shoppers for health care.



Built to be Personal

ClearCost provides information that is specific to each user’s plan, location, and preferences. Real-time history of user health care decisions means the best decisions going forward.

ClearCost Health Benefits

Cost, both total and out-of-pocket.

What do your employees know about the real cost of your health care? With ClearCost Health they can know much more and start saving right away.

ClearCost Benefits

Personalized recommendations.

Health care decisions are among the most personal and important decisions anyone makes. We provide personalized information that helps our users make the right decisions. Better health care decisions mean better health.

Built to be Helpful

Our site is helpful in any way that works for your employees and dependents, whether it’s in the form of a timely e-mail or a call with a live, consumerism expert. ClearCost Health is a ready-to-go solution that saves money.

  • Simple, intuitive site design with built-in Q&A
  • Concierge-like expert Health Shoppers to help over the phone
  • Email support


Benefits Email from ClearCost Health

Savings Alerts, sent right to your employee’s inbox.

We’ll help your employees know when there are opportunities to save money or find higher quality care.


"My wife and I saved over $3,000 by using ClearCost! We shopped around for a CT scan and couldn’t believe the price differences. Instead of paying $3,500 we found one for $350. My doctor was happy with the scan and we saved hundreds of dollars in out of pocket costs."
- Mark B.

Built to Engage

ClearCost Health is all about health care behavior change.

Big behavior change such as becoming a smarter shopper for health care begins with small, incremental steps. We engage our users with a simple, intuitive web site and mobile access. We offer concierge-level, high-touch call center support.

In addition, we provide turn-key communications support of our clients. From emails to post cards, text messages to refrigerator magnets, ClearCost Health knows how to engage, educate and enable your employees and dependents to be smarter shoppers for health care.